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I have completed the 2 year Diploma course with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.  In order to gain this qualification I have studied for over 800 hours, I have learned multiple Massage techniques, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release.  I have also studied Canine Anatomy & Physiology, Origins & Insertions, Cardiovascular systems, Common Orthopaedic Pathologies, Neurological Conditions, Skin Problems, Lymphatic Complications & Joint diseases, as well as advanced Palpation skills & gait & postural analysis.

I am a member of the Professional body The Canine Massage Guild & I am required to complete CPD to maintain membership, I will always be up to date with new techniques because of this.

My Diploma is fully externally qualified by Lantra and I hold public liability & Professional indemnity insurance, fully qualifying me to offer Therapeutic Canine Massage to your dog.  I work best practice & will only see your dog initially for 1-3 sessions & will refer back to your vet if necessary.  I will never offer Massage to a dog without prior Veterinary consent.



I have 3 rescue Newfoundlands & live with my partner in the rural Essex Countryside.  One of my rescue girls suffered a cruciate strain and Massage was recommended to assist in her rehabilitation.  It made such a difference & after quizzing the therapist I decided to book onto a one day course.  This fuelled my enthusiasm and a natural progression for me was to apply to join the Diploma course, I'm so pleased that I did!

Newfoundlands are a keen working breed and I train my dogs in Water rescue, Carting, Nosework & Obedience.  They love to work and Massage keeps them fit & healthy.  I am a member of the Working Newfoundland Club of GB & train weekly with the South Eastern Working Newfoundlands.  We attend regular working events with the gang & take part in water & carting displays which the dogs love.

I had worked for many years in Managerial positions, for the Library Service, In Optometrists and for the Ambulance Service, Massage has enabled me to slow down, take stock & relax, I am now fortunate enough to spend my time helping dogs to live happy painfree lives.  What could be better?


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